It's may 4th and I'm in the midst of remodeling the new shop space I have just purchased. The phones were not due to move over until next week, but guess what? they got moved today and with me taking out walls and yanking wires out of everywhere...we have no phone service. I hope to have them up and running by this Friday the 6th. So please don't call, at least not this week.




Since July of 1993, Walnut Street Woodworks has been designing and building custom furniture on North Walnut Street in what is now the RiNo District. When we started out, the freight trains still ran up the block just 5 feet from our front door, and we wished there was a coffee shop near by. The neighborhood has changed a lot, time has marched forward, and things are about to change again.

Chris and I sold the building we have owned for so many years just a few months ago, and I have since purchased a new work space which we will be moving to over the next few weeks. An exact move in date is not yet known, but THE MOVE IS ON.

So for all of my long time friends & clients, and you new folks too...Here's the new address:

5475 PEORIA STREET  BLDG.3 #104  DENVER, CO. 80239


Over time I will more than likely just lose the Walnut St. name (since I'm now on Peoria St.) and just hang onto Mori Furniture Design as the company name. While we will still be doing some built in work, the new focus will be on furniture.  We started Mori as a nod to George Nakashima, and produced solid slab furniture under that name, and still do, but since Mori's beginnings I have also pursued a bit of an obsession for 1950's style furniture on my own and this will be one of the focuses of Mori Furniture Design moving forward.

I believe that's it for now. Please come see us at the new shop. I'm thinking we should be moved in by mid May give or take.