I love my job

I love my work, but I find it difficult to sit down and write something about it. It;s the process that is exciting, the getting there that is what is important, but I'm told I should document these things, so here goes. Installed early this Summer in it's home on Wynkoop St. across from Union Station in downtown Denver, this 21' x 8' boat shaped conference table is the largest Mori Furniture has ever designed & built. Four top sections & four diamond shaped pedestals make up this big beautiful monster. The top is fabricated from solid cherry and utilizing 1/16" thick cherry & mahogany veneers for the overall top design. The table apron houses 12 data ports allowing the table top to be completely clear and leaving it with an unobstructed expansive look. Projects like this are super challenging, & very rewarding. I love my job.