New Headboard & Nightstands

I have been spending a lot of time on mid century modern design ideas lately. A simple headboard & nightstands, a long time in the making, has finally found a home. Obviously, I sketch things out prior to fabrication, but I never really know if what I am after is what I will end up with until a full size piece takes shape. I have the freedom to make changes along the way when I work on prototype pieces, and I make good use of that freedom, altering angles, thicknesses, grain directions, etc. as my eye sees fit. Sometimes you cannot explain what you want to do or why, but your eye knows when it is right. Something in your brain says, "stop, that's it". What is the radius of that huge arc? I have no idea, but it's nice to look at.

So for those who care about the details of such things: The headboard is 118" long and veneered in sapele pomele, book matched across its face. The nightstands are done in the same veneer w/ solid african mahogany legs for contrast. The nightstand design is a version of the Mali design from a few years back.